No Airtime for National Security at Democrat Presidential Debate

What's ISIS?

The Democrats held a debate on Sunday night in Flint, Michigan and discussed gun control and infrastructure repair but not national security.

MSNBC reports, "ISIS was never mentioned. Nor was the ongoing air campaign over Ir,aq and Syria or the blossoming threat of ISIS affiliates in Libya."

Considering one of the candidates was a former Secretary of State the omission was incredible.

Senator Bernie Sanders has been vocal about criticizing Mrs. Clinton for voting to authorize the Iraq War while she was a U.S. Senator and for pushing President Obama to launch air strikes against Libya, instead of focusing on domestic issues. 

There was a brief mention of national security during opening remarks, when Sanders mentioned the Iraq war and asked why the U.S. spent so much money for the war while neglecting the problems here at home.

“There are communities all over this country,” Sanders said. “It’s not just infrastructure. It is education. Detroit’s public school system is collapsing.”

Sanders has said in the past that his vote against the Iraq war demonstrates he has superior judgment to Clinton, who has more experience in foreign affairs.


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