Bette Midler Blames ‘Worthless Men, Religion’ for Islamic Terrorism

Idiocy personified.

Let’s see — who’s to blame for murdering innocent civilians in the name of Allah? Could it be, Muslims? Not according to Broadway star Bette Midler.

After three Islamic terrorists attacked London on Saturday, killing seven people and injuring almost 50 others with a rented van and large knives, Midler did the bravest thing she could think and grabbed her phone to opine on who is to blame for such barbarity, namely men and religion:

Does she mean those same “worthless (police) men” who shot the jihadists and stopped their rampage? Or the “worthless” bar bouncer who hurled chairs and bottles to help save innocent patrons? How about soldiers fighting for freedom around the world? Is it those men Midler has no need for?

And what religion is “worthless” according to her estimation? Christianity, Judaism? Are Scientologists driving vehicles into pedestrians or wearing suicide vests and killing children at pop concerts while shouting “Allahu Akbar?” That’s happened precisely zero times with other religions but occurs with frightening regularity under Islam. 

Midler is just being dishonest.

A male fan of Midler’s commented on her tweet, wondering if her masculine fans are useless to her, as well:

Others raked her over the coals on Twitter:






Photo credit: Alan Light via / CC BY