Transgender Athlete Beats Girls But Would Have Placed Last Against Boys

That sounds fair.

Feminists should be up in arms over the unfair advantaged possessed by transgender (male-to-female) athletes during sporting competition, yet they remain deafeningly silent.

Case in point: a transgender high school athlete beat his biologically female competition in the Connecticut track state championship Tuesday, yet that athlete would have placed last in the male's competition of the race. The Daily Caller's Rob Shimshock reports

Andraya Yearwood, a freshman at Cromwell High School, placed first in the girls’ 100-meter and 200-meter dash finals against girls from other schools in the region, according to Turtleboy Sports. But his time would have earned him last place in both boys’ competitions.

Yearwood finished the girls’ 100-meter dash with a time of 12.66 seconds and the girls’ 200-meter dash in 26.08 seconds.

"I know they’ll say it is unfair and not right, but my counter to that is: Why not?” said Yearwood's mother. 

"She is competing and practicing and giving her all and performing and excelling based on her skills."

Yes, "she" is "excelling" because "she" also happens to have the enhanced physical prowess of a male physique, which is inherently stronger than the biological females on her team.