Newsweek Pakistan Editor: Pedophilia ‘Sometimes Leads to Great Art’

“The sexual abuse of children will always exist.”

Fasih Ahmed has been working as editor of Newsweek Pakistan. On Tuesday, he unleashed a series of tweets on child molestation which raised more than a few eyebrows when he supposed one good thing about the horrifying crime is that it “sometimes leads to great art.”

The tweet, of course, has been deleted but here’s a screencap:

The others are still up on Twitter:

“Child sexual abuse has always happened, is happening, and will always continue. Two days of outrage on Twitter and participating in a 10-person vigil may make you feel so noble but that’s all just about you, not those who’ve been victimized.”

“You know uncles, servants, teachers, cousins, random shopkeepers hurt boys and girls. Did you report them? Did you have the balls to step out of your denial? This is the cause du jour. Default mode denial is just around the corner. Zainab is not a watershed moment”

Ahmed is talking about Zainab Ansari, a young girl in Pakistan who was recently found dead, as The Chicago Tribune reported:

The brutal rape and killing of Zainab Ansari, a 7-year-old girl whose body was left in a garbage dump, has unleashed a wave of revulsion around Pakistan, revealing a string of child abductions and killings by a suspected serial predator and generating outrage at a culture of silence surrounding sexual abuse…

A number of prominent Pakistani women have come forward with their own stories of sexual assault, saying they want to change traditions that consider abuse as a mark of shame for the victim. Those traditions, they say, help predators get away with abuse and encourage an already corrupt police force to ignore such crimes.

Those women who have come forward have tales of being molested as children by clerics teaching them the Quran, which doesn’t condemn marrying young girls or even infants.

After a massive amount of fallout from Ahmed trying to find the silver lining of pedophilia in "art," he logged back onto Twitter to say everyone took his words out of context and that he really, really, really hates child abuse:

But the damage was already done. Ahmed is likely out of a job for being “misunderstood.” Newsweek tweeted:



This only adds to the trouble already occurring over at NewsWEAK as the magazine struggles to stay in business after a series of missteps. Having an editor associated with the company that is seemingly normalizing child molestation should be the death knell.