Trevor Noah Condemns Hillary's #MeToo Hypocrisy

“I don’t know, I thought...maybe Hillary might come out and say, ‘Hey guys, I realize now that I was part of the problem.'"

Hell surely saw snow flurries Monday when The Daily Show's Trevor Noah took a break from his praise of Hillary Clinton's Grammy appearance to -- dare we say it -- criticize the failed candidate.

The topic was Clinton's cover-up of sexual abuse which occurred in 2008 and exposed by a recent New York Times article. In a stark change of pace for the notoriously left-wing program, Noah denied the former First Lady a pass:

“I don’t know, I thought in 2018 -- with everything we’re learning about now, maybe Hillary might come out and say, ‘Hey guys, I realize now that I was part of the problem in the way I handled this. When I look back, I realize that I should have done better.’ And that’s the truth.”

Noah expressed dismay to learn that Clinton hadn't done differently regarding a female victim of sexual assault. This should have been no surprise at all, of course, given Hillary's previous lack of empathy for her husband's many alleged victims.

Noah recounted the story of Hillary's neglect: a female staffer of the Marxist congresswoman spoke out against her accuser, claiming harassment. Rather than Hillary defending or protecting the victim, she had the girl reassigned. As Noah put it:

“All that woman did was come forward. She did what she was supposed to do and then she got punished for it.”

The host called out Hillary's #MeToo hypocrisy, highlighted by her January 26th tweet in which she postured as if she had been a champion in the 2008 situation:



Adding that Clinton has found herself "on the wrong side" of the #MeToo movement, Noah sarcastically quipped, "Yeah, women deserve to be heard, and then quietly reassigned. 'Thank you for speaking up — now into the closet.'"

"It feels like Hillary’s not only trying to dodge all the blame, she wants to present herself as having always been on this woman’s side, which doesn’t fly, because not only did the woman get reassigned, but this guy, Burns Strider, he went on to get another job in Democratic politics, where he got fired for doing the same thing to other women. So you could argue that if Hillary had fired him, she would have been protecting many women, instead of just herself."

This may have been the most sense Trevor Noah has ever made. Or ever will. Regardless, it's nice to see a left-wing show remove some of the lipstick which has been far too long applied to the political pig that is Hillary Rodham Clinton.