Nation's' OppArt Continues Its (Not So) Artistic Rage Against Trump

“Trump, Putin, Kim Jong-un: Worldwide pests uncontrolled.”

Left-wing website TheNation features a special anti-Trump "OppArt" section on its website. Its purpose is to offer "Artistic Dispatches from the Frontlines of Resistance." 

For the January 8th installment, OppArt features a depiction of three cockroaches, across which are displayed the faces of Kim-Jong-un, Vladimir Putin, and Donald Trump. 

Sounds like great art so far, right?

The piece, titled "Dangerous Critters," of course suggests that Trump is equally as dangerous as the others. Beneath the images, the caption reads:

“Trump, Putin, Kim Jong-un: Worldwide pests uncontrolled.”


The artist responsible for is Cristiam Ramos, who, according to the site, "is a Mexican artist working with unusual materials (spiderwebs, butterfly wings, etc.). He is the winner of 20 international awards and two world records." One of Ramos's world records is for creating a model of a motorcycle with 20,000 small pieces of candy.

Another creation on the site is "Not My President," a video expressing the anti-Trump chant, "Hey, hey, ho, ho, Donald Trump has got to go." As the mantra repeats, the following words and phrases are displayed on a silhouette of Donald Trump's profile:

"Liar, Tyrant, Bigot, Amoral, Corrupt, Cruel, White Supremacist, Disgrace, Ignorant, Money Launderer, Climate Change Denier, Misogynist, Thief, Traitor, Immature, Homophobe, Unstable, Deranged, Bully, Racist, Fraud, Impeach, Sexual Predator, Not My President[.]"

Funny -- before Trump identified as a Republican, the same man was considered something entirely different. Rap songs were filled with references to the tycoon, voicing aspirations to be like the billionaire. Adding an "R" next to his name magically transformed him into all those things listed above.

Another OppArt piece entitled "Kremlin Cover Band" portrays Trump in front of a miniature St. Basil's Cathedral of Russia, on a stage with an American flag, beneath the words "How Stars and Stripes Become a Red Square." 

OppArt doesn't limit its lunacy to Trump, however. In "Smash the Patriarchy," a display of clenched fists on a pinwheel is subtitled, "With the winds of change: Intersectional feminism will make the world go round."

The most recent work featured on the site is a drawing of Kellyanne Conway, whose nose is extended like Pinocchio's. The title is "Knows Job," and Conway's decapitated.

And that, folks, is the great art of the tolerant Left.

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