'Glamour' Magazine Anticipates Women's March Anniversary Event, Twitter Not Impressed

"Can I rip off my fingernails instead? Like I’d rather rip off my fingernails."

Prepare to cringe: Glamour magazine is planning an event to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the 2017 Women's March.

This refers to last year's January 21st rally which was less of a march for women than it was a left-wing political rally protesting the Constitutionally lawful election of Donald J. Trump. Throngs of left-identifying dissenters came together in a cacophony of war cries on behalf of lesbianism, sexismtransvestitism, sex work, racism, illegal immigration, abortion, and madness.

And the fashion accessory binding them together? The "pussy hat," based on a remark Donald Trump made in the recording of a private conversation released by the Clinton campaign, a remark which the Left twisted to suggest that Trump is a sexual predator, if not an actual rapist.

The Women's March, a public display of discrimination, lies, confusion, ignorance, and hypocrisy, sported countless pussy hats and signs unfairly and profanely denigrating the President. It was an incredible sight indeed, organized by -- in a stranger-than-fiction twist -- a Muslim woman sympathetic to sharia law, and featuring the repellant spectacle of actress Ashley Judd losing her mind. The assembly claimed to be "intersectional and inclusive" but they disallowed conservative women, because the Left makes no room for diversity of thought.

Nevertheless, Glamour is excited to commemorate the event:

"Everything you need to know about the 2018 Women's March" 



Despite this declaration, there remain unanswered questions, as indicated by others on Twitter:







Not everyone is excited about the coming celebration.

















Good ones, guys.

The 2017 Women's March was an insult to sanity, truth, and, well, women. One can only expect the same from the anniversary event, brought to you by Glamour, the magazine that decries the sexualization of women and then proceeds to sexualize women.