Nancy Pelosi Erases Bill and Barack from History

What will America do without its black presidents?

Leftist icon Nancy Pelosi embarrassed herself Wednesday with a tweet illustrating her complete ignorance of presidential history.  The extremist House Minority Leader referred to recent former presidents of the U.S., mislabeling them numerically and squeezing out the last two Democrats to hold the office.

In an effort to lambast the Republican Party and “Trickle-Down Economics,” the California Congresswoman called George Herbert Walker Bush the 43rd President and asserted that there was a “Bush 44.”  

“Reagan. Bush 43. Bush 44,” she inaccurately referenced. “They all tried ‘Trickle-Down Economics.’  And not once did it help working families.  #NotOnePenny.”

Doh!  The tweet was later deleted.

George H.W. Bush was, in fact, America’s 41st President.  His eldest son, George W., was the nation’s 43rd President.  Father and son did not serve consecutively.  

What’s most remarkable about Pelosi’s mistake is that it crowded out the Left’s two most revered presidential saints — both of whom, according to Dems — were also the country’s first black presidents:  Bill Clinton, who occupied the White House during the years between Bush Sr. and George W., and Barack Obama, who was the actual 44th president.  

Somehow, leftist Pelosi sacrilegiously eliminated Clinton’s and Obama’s presidency from history.  (If only that were really possible.)

Of course, Pelosi isn't even sure who occupies the White House currently, and remains confused thinking "President Bush" still lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

For a taste of Pelosi's lunatic antics when she's not busy getting her presidents mixed up, enjoy the video below.