Alarmist Nancy Pelosi: Trump is Looting the Planet!

It's Armageddon!

Typically, the Left doesn't seem to mind looting. However, Nancy Pelosi is accusing the President of doing it on a global scale. That was the absurd message in a statement by the California Democrat, who also tweeted the following:

"Trump Admin announcement that they want to drastically expand offshore drilling just 3 miles off East & West coasts makes this article from last week even more worrying. #ProtectOurCoast"


The tweet and ridiculous accusation were in response to President Trump's reported intention to decrease restrictions on offshore drilling which were put in place during the Obama administration in order to, as environmentalist wacko -- yet, more, importantly, egregious hypocrite -- Al Gore put it, "prop up a dying fossil fuel industry":

"President Trump is once again defying a majority of American citizens, states, and businesses. His offshore drilling proposal threatens our coastal communities, just to prop up a dying fossil fuel industry."



And so, according to the leftist alarmists, President Trump is, of course, destroying the planet. Pelosi's full statement reads:

"Loot our environment and our planet!"

As pointed out by Twitchy, to the Democrats a tax cut means "looting the Treasury," whereas oil drilling is "looting the planet."

Twitter gave a great big eyeroll to Pelosi:









The best response came from a follower referencing a rat's butt, in order to excoriate a horse's ass: