MSNBC Panel Finds it Hard to Admit Trump is a Good Granddad

It’s like they can’t entertain having a nice thought about him.

It’s tough to utter a kind word about someone you trash all day. That was true for a Thursday MSNBC panel who begrudgingly conceded that perhaps — just maybe — Donald Trump is a good granddad. But in the end, nah.

MSNBC played audio from the president’s interview with The New York Times this week which caught an interruption by his daughter Ivanka and granddaughter Arabella who burst into the Oval Office. As any proud papa would do, Trump bragged on his family to the reporters, especially little Arabella who can speak Chinese. He noted how she was able to speak to President Xi Jinping during his recent visit. Trump said his granddaughter had “smart genes.”

After the clip, host Nicolle Wallace led with, “I guess that was cute?”

A very unenthusiastic panelist, Bianna Golodryga, responded hesitantly, “It’s charming, yeah. She’s an adorable girl.”

Golodryga added that she follows Ivanka on Instagram and sees her kids in pictures quite often. Then she added blandly, “You know, I imagine that Donald Trump loves his grandchildren.”

Wallace then prompted panelist Ron Klain, saying, “It seems to come back to a similar theme: good genes, his genes.”

“Right,” Klain said. “Even his adorable granddaughter he can only praise by saying, you know, she has good genes. I mean, the whole interview is just a textbook exposition on narcissism.”

Your mainstream media, ladies and gentlemen.

H/T Washington Free Beacon