CNN Sex Education Series Spotlights Classless Classes

A shocking look into the curriculum of some of the nation’s most 'Progressive' school systems.

On Monday, CNN introduced a new documentary series exploring sex education in America, the first episode of which provided a shocking look into the curriculum of some of the nation’s most "Progressive" school systems.

In one segment of This is Sex with Lisa Ling, students at Los Angeles Unified School District’s James Monroe High School were shown learning how to put condoms on fake penises and being taught the safe way to have anal sex.

In addition to providing controversial classroom instruction, James Monroe High also boasts an in-house clinic where teens have free access to the “Morning After” pill.

Many school systems across the country teach abstinence-only sex ed, but there is a cultural war being waged in and out of the classroom. As Fox News points out, in July, Teen Vogue published “A Guide to Anal Sex” on its site, resulting in a firestorm of critics denouncing the teen-targeting publication’s promotion of perversion. One parent, dubbed “The Activist Mommy,” garnered attention with her 100,000-view YouTube video in which she burns a copy of the magazine for its printed promotion of homosexual sex.

Teen Vogue responded via the magazine’s digital editor, claiming that any criticism of its content was the result of “homophobia” and an “arcane delusion about what it means to be a young person today.”

California seems to agree: state law requires that sex education be inclusive of all sexual preferences and all gender identities, and without promotion of any particular religion. Unsurprisingly, according to This is Sex with Lisa Ling, discussion in the LAUSD classroom often includes confessions of gender transition and requests by students to be assigned new pronouns.

CNN’s new series is putting a spotlight on sex education in America, and some of what it brings to light is as repellant as it is controversial.