Rep. Ellison Belittles Holocaust Victims by Comparing them to Illegal Aliens

WWGD: What Would Gentiles Do?

Coming in this week with the worst comparison to Jews in Nazi Germany is Minnesota Democrat Keith Ellison, who sees parallels between those herded into gas chambers in the 1940s and foreigners who broke the law by sneaking into the United States.

The congressman spoke at a Beyond DACA event hosted by the Minneapolis Community and Technical College. Ellison told the crowd, “I heard today as many as three million DACA recipients live with someone who is a citizen of the United States. Add that to the people who work with a DACA recipient; add that to people who are the parents of a DACA recipient; add that to people who are parents of American citizens.”

“You’re literally talking over 100 million Americans who are in some way — way more than 100 million, maybe well over that — who are deeply connected to people who have immigrated to the United States, some with official papers some with not,” Ellison calculated.

With those proposed numbers, Ellison pleaded with the audience to realize this isn’t “someone else’s fight, this is all of our fight.” And in the style of “What Would Jesus Do,” Ellison asked a similar query best phrased concisely as "what would gentiles do" to provide sanctuary for their Jewish neighbors facing a gruesome death:

"If you ask yourself, ‘What I would I do if I was a gentile in 1941 if my Jewish neighbors were under attack by the Nazis, would I give them sanctuary?' You might be about to find what you would do. Will you pass that moral test, or will you fail it?”

Right, because people committing crimes and being dealt with justly is exactly like being gathered like cattle to the slaughter for no other reason than being a Jew. The kind of poisoned mind it takes to draw that analogy truly deserves the Democratic Party.