Petition Begs For a Gay Wonder Woman

If a GLAAD employee has her way, 2019’s Diana Prince will be out of this world and out of this closet.

“Make Wonder Woman Bisexual” is the demand of a petition released Monday by an employee of the LGBT organization GLAAD, according to Breitbart.

Gianna Collier-Pitts states in her appeal to those who want a lesbian-leaning Diana Prince that this summer’s blockbuster “was a success for everyone…except the bisexual community.”

On the petition’s campaign page, Collier-Pitts asserts:

“Wonder Woman’s Diana Prince hails from (the) land of the Amazons…inhabited exclusively by women. This alone should serve as reason enough to confirm her sexuality.”

The notion of the Queen Mother of superheroes being a lover of Lilith Fair isn’t without precedence: Greg Rucka, DC Comics author, told Comicosity last year that on Diana’s home world of the ladies-only Themyscira, romance is possible solely with other women.

The plea for a bisexual summer tentpole heroine has amassed 1,945 signatures so far, just 555 shy of its goal.

“All I ask is that Warner Bros. directly acknowledge Diana Prince for who she is, who she has always been (regardless of her current love interest), and what her character could potentially represent for millions of people,” Collier-Pitts writes.

She’s not the first to dream of an alternative-lifestyle defender of the universe: last summer, some Marvel fans promoted #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend in hopes of filmmakers cooking up a gay lover for the Cap’n. Just weeks earlier, an online petition asked Disney for a lesbian love interest for Elsa, the main character in Disney’s upcoming sequel to Frozen.

Wonder Woman will indeed be back, in the summer of 2019. Whether she arrives in theaters with a rainbow-colored lasso remains to be seen. Gianna Collier-Pitts wants a bisexual hero for a bisexual audience, and 2,500 signatures is perhaps not insubstantial; but if Warner Bros.—Diana Prince’s portal to the masses—wants to top the first film’s $820 million take, perhaps it would do better to consider the over-323-million Americans who didn’t sign the petition—the vast, vast majority of whom are straight.