Members of Journey Visit Trump at White House, Founding Member Very Upset

Is Trump the new Yoko Ono?

Neal Schon, one of the founding members of the rock band Journey, is very upset at three of his bandmates who visited President Trump at the White House last month. There seems to be so much tension in the band that there are rumors they may break up, or go their "separate ways," as most other news outlets put it (they’re so clever!).

Keyboardist Jonathan Cain, singer Arnel Pineda, and bassist Ross Valory, also a founding member, posed with Trump inside the Oval Office and were seen in the White House press room. As news outlets began circulating the photo and reporting that “Journey” visited the White House, Schon became incensed that his bandmates would break a longstanding covenant not to get political or push religion.

Schon wrote on Facebook:

Wow this is not the Journey I started in 1972 and have been fighting to protect since the beginning.

I've discussed this many times with Management and council and they both agreed that there should never be anything to do with religious beliefs or politics with Journey.

I do not want anyone to think my wife and I are affiliated in anyway with this at all. I've been fighting to protect for the last 2 years.

This is Not Me or my wife.

It just so happens that two years ago, Cain married Paula White, a televangelist and spiritual advisor to Trump. Since the White House photo was released, Schon has been posting videos exposing White as a crook. When one of his followers wrote, “Cain has drank the Paula White Kool-aid. She's a money grabbing fake,” Schon replied, “Exactly.”

Cain told TMZ that the band is not breaking up. So far, Valory has been silent. But singer Pineda, whose dreams came true when the band hired him after discovering him singing Journey songs in the Philippines, appears to be a little worried, saying on Twitter that he doesn’t belong to any political party or religion. He has also stated that he has “no problem being an expendable entity” and “whether deserving or undeserving of the American dream, I will always remain respectful and grateful.”

Schon has also hinted on social media that he may be seeking out former members including the band’s most-known vocalist, Steve Perry.

But is Trump the new Yoko Ono? Schon said, “Think again.” However, he also said he will be back next year “freshly restored.” Whatever that means.

But The Hill noted something interesting: “Schon is married to former ‘Real Housewives of D.C.’ star Michaele Salahi, who became known as a ‘White House crasher’ in 2009 after she and her then-husband attended a White House state dinner sans a formal invitation.” Apparently, he’s forgiven her for her trip to the White House, or perhaps it was the former resident he didn’t have a problem with.

Oh well, such is the complicated life of a rock star.