Brokaw: Trump is Basically Hitler

When in doubt, the left whips out the Hitler comparison.

Tom Brokaw went after Donald Trump on Tuesday's Nightly News on NBC, basically saying the Republican presidential candidate exhibits the qualities of a modern-day Adolf Hitler for saying Muslims should be banned from entering the United States.

What is largely being ignored by the mainstream media is the second half to Trump's statement, which clarifies that he is not suggesting an eternal ban on Muslims, but only one "until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on" -- presuming he means to find out which Muslims are "peaceful" and which are jihadists intent on violence. But Brokaw, like his media-elite colleagues, prefers the attention-grabbing headline of "ban all Muslims."

"Donald Trump's promise to ban all Muslims from coming to America is much more than a shouted campaign provocation," Brokaw began in his video segment. "Trump's statement, even in this season of extremes, is a dangerous proposal that overrides history, the law, and the foundation of America itself. In my lifetime alone, we have been witness to the consequences of paranoia overriding reason."



Brokaw then looks back over modern history, pointing to the law-abiding American-Japanese citizens who were herded to internment camps during WWII, Hitler's mass murder of Jews that ultimately brought Germany's destruction and "history's condemnation," and Sen. Joe McCarthy's "reckless anti-communist witch hunt" in the 1950s. Adding more, Brokaw spoke about blacks being second-class citizens during the Civil Rights era. This was all a set up to buttress his take on Trump's comments:

Yes, the jihadists are radical Muslims, but they're a minority in a world with a billion-and-a-half Muslims. Even so, defeating ISIS will be long, hard, and expensive. Perhaps even more so now because ISIS is likely to use Donald Trump's statement as a recruiting tool. 

Brokaw ends with a tribute to Muslim-American soldier Kareem Khan, who joined the armed services after 9/11 -- "to show that not all Muslims are fanatics," Brokaw adds. Khan, then 20, was killed in Iraq in 2007 by an IED. 

"Mr. Trump cannot exclude him from America. He has a permanent home here, in section 60, at Arlington National Cemetery," Brokaw said.

Brokaw's assessment wasn't the only one, either. Similar comparisons between Trump and Hitler have surfaced. The cartoon below from the Washington Post is another example:

You draw the most flak, as they say, when you're directly over the target. And for challenging the left's open borders insanity, Trump is squarely in their sights.