Media Hall of Shame: Kissing a Candidate Before Moderating A Debate

What? No kiss for Bernie?

Though Jake Tapper has proven to be less biased than some of his other cohorts at CNN, his greeting of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at Sunday's Democratic Town Hall earns him this week's Media Hall of Shame.

Because nothing says, "I'm about to be super impartial to you," like a kiss on the cheek from the moderator before he "grills" you with debate questions. Joining Tapper in applying a peck on Clinton's cheek was his co-moderator and fellow CNN contributor, Roland Martin.

Watch below:

In contrast, Clinton's rival, Bernie Sanders, was welcomed to the stage with just a handshake. 

J.D. Durkin at Mediaite chalked the awkward moment up as a simple "mistake" and a pleasantry among acquaintances, though he does admit that it "makes for an uncomfortable way to lead off into a set of questions intended to be tough and engaging for an Ohio crowd two days before their state-wide primary."

But when your integrity as a journalist is at stake, there is no room for such a "small" error and that is why this moment, unintended or otherwise, lands these two CNN moderators on the shame list.

Of interesting note: Durkin added one more level of awkwardness to Tapper's coziness with Clinton when remembering an article written by the moderator and State of the Union host in which he admitted, "I Dated Monica Lewinsky."

That means Clinton has been kissed at least twice by someone who has dated Ms. Lewinsky. Now THAT's awkward.