Watch Hillary Disapprove of Jake Tapper for Daring to Mention Her Email

The head shake of death.

Ahead of last night's Democrat primary debate, Hillary Clinton was on CNN for an interview with Jake Tapper. As any responsible journalist would, Tapper asked Secretary Clinton about the criminal investigation involving her email. This is what one might call a journalistic "no-brainer." But for Hillary, it was clearly a great offense.

Jake's question was pretty straightforward and in no way unfair:

In terms of the status of the FBI investigation into your private email server, have you been interviewed by the FBI yet?

Heavens! What effrontery! One would think this was a pretty easy question. You answer it. You get on with your life. But Hillary is accustomed to the special Democrat treatment in the press. The one where reporters agree to stop reporting something once the Democrat in question orders them to. Hillary and Bernie have said it is not an issue. That means you're done with it, reporters.

Liberals, and especially Clintons, expect the press to be their ally. They feel it is owed to them. That's why Bill's pattern of sexual assault is hands off, and that's why Hillary gave Jake Tapper the shaking head of death glare. Get in line, or get gone.

It reminded us of a video put out by Digitas Daily last year. To see why, stick with it past the scrolling filmstrip.