Move Over, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters Struggling to Speak, Too

Are they actually okay?

Yesterday, we brought you Rep. Nancy Pelosi struggling to form words in a short speech she gave to Refugees International. And hot on the heels of that embarrassing flub is Rep. Maxine Waters with one of her own.

Waters sounded vocally exhausted in an interview with Yahoo! News, but muscled through until she had to say, “North Korea.” Strangely, she had already said it correctly once, but immediately forgot how just seconds later:

“Those in China have a great trading relationship — they sell an awful lot of stuff to North Korea… [complains about Trump] We do not want war in um, uh, um North Korea. North, uh, um, Korea at all.”

And if you remember back to earlier this year, Waters forgot the name of Aleppo and needed to be reminded when speaking on C-SPAN and also called Crimea “Korea” in the same speech. Amazingly, that happened just after Pelosi called out President Bush’s name instead of President Trump’s. What is wrong with these ladies? Like we said before, TERM LIMITS!

But you know what Maxine Waters has no trouble saying?