Waters Can’t Explain What Dems Stand for Besides Being Anti-Trump

Good job, MSNBC.

The Democratic Party platform at this point is anti-Trump, anti-Trump, anti-Trump, according to Rep. Maxine Waters who is leading the impeach Trump movement. 

During her appearance on MSNBC Friday, Waters struggled to give a coherent explanation of what her party stands for besides being against the president. What’s even more surprising, however, is that leftist host Katy Tur seemed quite frustrated and unsatisfied that her party is so hyper-focused on ousting Trump. 

“Congresswoman, what do the Democrats stand for other than being against Donald Trump?” asked Tur. “What do you stand for other than trying to get Donald Trump impeached?"

(Great question, Tur. Be careful, though, that’s actual journalism.)

Waters answer rambled on but could be perfectly summed up as simply, “Umm.” 

Waters reminded Tur that she is the ranking member of the Financial Services Committee. She said, “We pushed back on the Republicans, we fight against them.” 

But that’s exactly Tur’s point. She wanted to know, “Are Democrats focusing enough on their ideas?”

Waters wasn’t having it and talked over Tur about her senior status in the government peppered with some general talking points about the socialist ideals of the Democratic Party.

“Now, what else would you like to know?” Waters snarked.

Tur responded, “Well, I personally wanted to know if you think Democrats are getting out there and giving their message enough? If they’re saying what they want to do to fix things like the economy, like you said, to make sure the government is working for them instead of coming out and reacting to Donald Trump day in and day out?"

(Keep it up, Tur.)

And Waters could only ramble more.

"I think people understand that we are fighting and that we are working on the issues of health care and housing and transportation and all those issues that are very dear to us,” she said. “I think that's very clear."

That's the second time in 24 hours that MSNBC wasn't buying Waters' line of baloney. Is something in the water over there?