Merkel Gov’t Bringing in Migrants on 'Secret Flights'

"Why isn’t the German public informed about these flights?"

Chancellor Merkel’s government has been accused of bringing in migrants into Germany on secret night flights. The German government was carrying out the “secret relocation of refugees from Greece,” claimed the Austrian weekly Wochenblick, citing documents uncovered by the German investigative author Stefan Schubert.

The operation was part of an elaborate government coverup to keep the extent of migrant influx from of the German public. “Pictures, like the ones at the Munich train station [back in 2015], with thousands of refugees arriving en masse and being photographed by journalists, should not recur again,” Schubert said reviewing secret documents belonging to the Bavaria State’s Ministry of Internal Affairs.

This is not the first time such accusations against Chancellor Merkel’s government have come to light. Last August, the UK newspaper Daily Express reported that Germany was “ushering in thousands of migrants via Cologne Bonn Airport.” The speculation was fueled by the fact that “every night numerous planes from Turkey [were] landing.”

Austrian weekly Wochenblick reported:

A report by the former police officer and renowned bestselling author Stefan Schubert claims that the German government is operating “a precisely planned secret relocation of refugees from Greece.”

According to the media outlet “Journalistenwatch,” it has received several insider documents belonging to the Bavaria State’s Interior Ministry.

The documents were clearly marked classified “Only for Official Use." The Journalistenwatch published selected parts of the classified documents.

Apart from other details, the documents carried information about the EU Relocation Program sponsored by the Merkel government. In the framework of the so-called “relocation” procedure the German government has agreed to settle additional 27,500 refugees directly from Greece into Germany.

Furthermore, the documents substantiate the fact that actual figures related to illegal immigrants [entering the country] were being covered up. One of the main objective, according to Schubert, is to avoid the “pictures, like the ones at the Munich train station [back in 2015], with thousands of refugees arriving en masse and being photographed by journalists, from recur again.”

Most shocking of all: Separate flights are chartered for the relocation.

The renowned security expert [Schubert] says that “instead of special trains or air-conditioned busses, the refugees are flown in by the thousands. The chartered flights start in Athens, Greece and land at the Munich Airport. No images [of the relocation] exit. Why isn’t the German public informed about these flights?

The old Soviet-era adage "never to believe anything until it has been officially denied" holds just as true in Merkel’s Germany. The state-funded public broadcaster ARD weighed in to calm the German public. The broadcaster didn’t deny the fact that government was operating such flights. “The information about the chartered flights for migrants from Italy and Greece is neither secret nor new,” claimed the state broadcaster. “The flights are part of the European Union’s relocation program based on the resolution of the EU-Interior Ministers in 2015.”

This official response, however, doesn’t not explain why the German government was carrying out the operation in such a cloak-and-dagger manner. Germany’s political establishment knows full well that their average voter can’t keep track of EU resolutions at ministerial-level going back years, nor can he make much sense of various migrant statistics watered-down and fudged by the state apparatus. The only thing that matters in today’s 24-hour news cycle is the visual footage.

Merkel’s ‘fly-by-night’ operation, as described by the Wochenblick, is an effective media blackout as ten and thousands of migrants continue to swarm the country and the docile media can be trusted for not blowing the cover. Those pointing to the visible effects of this state-managed demographic shift in their communities and cities can easily be branded as intolerant ‘"Islamophobes," barred from public debate and policed on the social media.