Maher: Bill Clinton Can 'F–ck Around' and Love Hillary at the Same Time

"Bill is a dog and he loves her."

Earlier in the week, TruthRevolt reported how one Hillary Clinton biographer characterized her marriage to Bill as a love story straight out of Gone With the Wind. On Thursday, comedian Bill Maher brought that flowery comparison full-circle when he emphatically stated that the former President can "f–ck around" on his wife Hillary while still loving her. 

No one explains true love better than leftists, with their embrace of serial adulterer Bill Clinton, their proud declarations of past abortions, and their celebration of SlutWalks. The proudly unmarried Bill Maher, who once had a Playboy model extort him for cash, is no exception.

Closing out the DNC on his special Real Time show Thursday night, Maher commented on remarks made by Hillary during her acceptance speech, when she spoke about certain troubles she had experienced in her marriage, laying this gem of a concept on us:

"Was anybody surprised that in the first minute of the speech, she referenced the blow job? Not directly... but we all knew what she said," Maher said. "I gotta say, I always thought that the Clintons had a real marriage, despite what everybody said."

Maher then went on to explain how those two dichotomies can live in harmony. 

"You know what? Fucking around can live side by side with real love," said Maher. "Bill is a dog and he loves her [Hillary]. Two thoughts in your mind. Europeans can do that. We should be able to, too."

The comedian refrained from acknowledging what this supposed sexual utopia in Europe does to families and relationships. For one, it has resulted in a 1.6 birth replacement rate, putting Europe at risk of a population winter, but that wouldn't matter to a 60-year-old frat boy.