Limbaugh Hits Back On HuffPo Attacks

Spokesman corrects record after misleading blog post

A spokesman for the Rush Limbaugh show hit back against a Huffington Post entry claiming Limbaugh's ratings were down in California. The response, also appearing in HuffPo and published Monday, blasted Eric Boehlert's earlier article, which Limbaugh spokesman Brian Glicklich said was "filled with fictions, based on nonsensical claims that don't stand up to even casual scrutiny."

Glicklich's chief complaints include Boehlert's denigration of ratings for stations that Limbaugh just moved to, and therefore would have not had time to build up an audience for, and that new Boehlert uses stationwide numbers against Limbaugh specifically.

Contrary to Boehlert's thesis, Glicklich says that Limbaugh's ratings in Los Angeles with new affiliate KEIB-AM are up 314% amongst all people, and up 230% in the adults 25-54 demographic. 

In San Francisco, Limbaugh's ratings have spiked. As Glicklich asserts, "AQH audience is up 969% in the same period."

After presenting the information he says shows Limbaugh's success, Glicklich is left to wonder about Boehlert's motivation:

All of these numbers beg the truly important question: Why is Media Matters so desperate to diminish Rush Limbaugh's influence? If Rush really was on the wane, why does Eric Boehlert need to fabricate fictions about his audience size? Why will Media Matters hidden money benefactors go to any preposterous length to damage Rush Limbaugh?