Tell Target NOT to Bow to Leftist Anti-Gun Pressure

1,789 signatures

After the success Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense had in pressuring Jack in the Box, Chipotle, and Sonics, the group has put Target in their crosshairs, hoping that the mega-retailer will bow to pressure and ban ‘Open Carry’ legal firearms in their stores.

Now MDA has launched an online petition, which they say has garnered more than tens of thousands of signatures in less than 24 hours. The petition, addressed to John Mulligan, Interim CEO of Target, states: "Please issue gun sense policies to keep your customers and employees safe from the risk of gun violence by protecting against people openly carrying weapons in your stores.”

Moms Demand Action has now urged their members to protest outside of Target shareholders' meetings.  Their latest protest in Dallas engendered a horrible turnout for them, with only 12 people taking part.

Now is the time to take a stand and tell Target not to succumb to the pressure of anti-self defense and anti-2nd Amendment groups who do not represent the majority of Americans.

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