Andrew Klavan: Which Scandal is Which?

In which our host, Andrew Klavan, interviews a member of the main stream press about the scandals plaguing the Obama Administration. 


I’m Andrew Klavan and this is the Revolting Truth.

There have been so many major scandals during the Obama administration that it’s getting hard to keep them from getting all jumbled up in your mind into one... big... crappy presidency.  There was Obama corrupting the IRS to target American citizens he disagrees with...  there was that criminal political hack - what do you call him? - oh yeah, the Attorney General Eric Holder...  refusing to enforce legislation he doesn’t like... Then there was freeing those five terrorists to secure the release of the guy from Showtime’s Homeland...  because we never leave an American behind...  unless he happens to be an ambassador being murdered by a politically inconvenient terrorist attack in Benghazi in which case...  meh...

Even President Obama himself can no longer keep track of all the ways he’s violating the constitution.  He only finds out about his latest scurrilous malfeasance when he hears about it through the media...  Although to be fair, once word of his dishonesty and incompetence reaches him, the president is the first to declare himself very angry and demand an investigation and completely forget the whole thing.

Today, as a Revolting Truth Public Service, we’d like to help clarify which scandal is which by interviewing an actual investigative journalist.  So now, through the miracle of Chalk-o-vision, I’m proud to welcome Chief Political Reporter for the New York Times, Scoop Alinsky.

Mr Alinksy, thank you for being here.

Alinksy: It’s a great honor for you.

Right.  As a top investigative reporter for the Times, which would you say is the worst scandal of the Obama administration.

Alinsky:  There are scandals in the Obama administration?  I’ve never heard of that.

Well, I mean, like, corrupting the IRS...

Alinksy: Oh, that’s no big deal.

Really.  Hey, if George W. Bush had used the IRS to target liberals...

Alinksy:  George W. Bush used the IRS to target liberals??? That’s terrible!!! There should be an investigation!!!

No, no, George W. Bush didn’t do that.  Obama did.

Alinsky:  Ah, that’s no big deal.

Well, what if Bush had refused to enforce laws he disagreed with?

Alinksy:  That Nazi fascist piece of low down...

No, I’m saying that’s what Obama did.

Alinsky: Ah, that’s no big deal.

Look, even a left wing news outlet like the Times can’t just ignore the rampant corruption here.  It’s as plain as the nose on your face.  [his nose disappears]  Wait, what happened to the nose on your face?

Alinksy:  Well, it’s all the nose that’s fit to print.

I’m Andrew Klavan with the Revolting Truth.