Liberals SILENT on Threats Against President Trump and Family

“Violent threats against the president are OK now?”

In a recent op-ed for The Hill, conservative columnist Kristin Tate considered the liberal silence surrounding Snoop Dogg’s video assassination of a clown Trump and so many others and asked, “Violent threats against the president are OK now?”

During the Obama administration, one single off-putting word about the president or any Democrat could get a person suspended, fired, and certainly ridiculed on Twitter. But now, conservative targets are all the rage.

“The FBI investigated a threat to kill Milo Yiannoupolis for the audacity to want to speak on a college campus,” Tate writes. “Threats against former Labor Secretary nominee Andy Puzder’s wife caused him to withdraw himself from consideration. Multiple intimidatory remarks haunted members of the Trump-voting Electoral College. President Trump has been the target of declarations of violence on a near daily basis.”

Then there are the celebrities. Like Snoop Dogg, there are others who fantasize about Trump’s death. At the Women’s March in January, Madonna ranted about blowing up the White House. Sarah Silverman has said a military coup is a great option to take down the president. And now, Lil’ Bow Wow threatened to put Melania Trump into sexual slavery — “pimp your wife” — for calling out Snoop.

Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?

Reporters are silent, too, they’re busy making crass statements about the first lady. Like David Cay Johnson, the man behind the Rachel Maddow tax return bust, who said Melania Trump did “very sleazy porn.” Or the attacks from the media against Trump’s right-hand lady, Kellyanne Conway, for kneeling on a couch to take a picture. Where are the cries of misogyny from the Left? They don’t care because their hate for all things Trump won’t let them.

Tate continues:

The selective outrage is deafening. Obama was certainly the target of vicious remarks, but the calls for outright violence from the left have received nowhere near the same attention in the press as conservatives received during the Obama years.

Remember the liberal witch hunt of a staffer for Republican Tennessee Congressman Stephen Fincher? #FireElizabethLauten trended and a petition surged with leftist rage after she criticized the Obama daughters: “Dress like you deserve respect, not a spot at a bar.” The long-standing rule is to leave the younger children of a sitting president alone, but that didn’t stop an SNL writer from saying 10-year-old Barron Trump “will be the country’s first homeschool shooter.” (So violent, too.) She was suspended. And then there is Rosie O’Donnell, who once alleged Barron has autism and yet, she’s still free to move about the cabin and continue her calls to "stop" Trump.

But everyone is “woke” to the Left’s hypocrisy: