Black Lives Matter Responds to NRA with 'Clinched Black Fist'

Battling "racist rhetoric" with racist rhetoric.

The negative reactions from the Left to Dana Loesch’s National Rifle Association ad continue pouring in. This time, Black Lives Matter has something to say about it, calling the ads “dangerous propaganda” from “gun-toting racists.” The ultimate goal of the BLM parody video is asking the NRA to remove their “chilling ads,” as Salon describes them.

An activist from the Los Angeles chapter of BLM is the lone actor in the response ad. She states ominously right out of the gate, in nearly line-for-line parody of Loesch:

“They use their guns to assassinate black people. They use their schools to funnel black students through a school-to-prison pipeline. They use their state institutions, bought politicians, business conglomerates, and white supremacist domestic terrorists to incite violence over, and over, again. Then they use their new president to enact a law-and-order administration.

“All to make them shoot first, to make them ask questions later, make them scream, ‘I thought he had a gun in his hand’ and ‘I feared for my life’ and ‘he matched the description of a suspect’ and ‘she was threatening us.’ To shoot and kill Philando Castille [and others]… until the only option left is for black people to disrupt the systems that keep us oppressed and build the kinds of communities in which we want to live.”

The woman says the only way to “fight this violence with the raised, clinched black fist of resistance,” similarly to when Loesch said NRA supporters must fight the Left’s violence “with the clenched fist of truth.”

“We are Black Lives Matter, and we are freedom’s future place,” she adds.

She then asks what’s with all the fear-mongering video tactics and asks the dramatic music to be cut and for more lights. Now, she is surrounded by family members of people killed by police officers with silence for dramatic effect.

The video is presented by BLM, Dignity and Power Now, The Reverence Project, RISIST, and Defend Movement. (Anybody else notice how “ISIS” is in the middle of “RISIST?”)

The video ends with this statement: “Join the movement against the rise of fascism and make a video saying you are against racist rhetoric using the hashtag #WeDeserveSafety.”

Like the racist rhetoric this video employs, calling police, conservatives, and NRA members racists and talking about fighting with a clinched, "black" fist? So much for consistency.