Liberal Filmmakers Remake Failed Pepsi Ad the Way it Was Meant to Be

“Hey Pepsi… don’t worry, we fixed it for you.”

There is no doubt about it: that embarrassing Pepsi ad featuring Kendall Jenner was a complete disaster and everyone knows it, conservatives and liberals alike. And apparently, since the ad failed to show what a “real” protest looks like, footage from the Standing Rock protests have been cut together with the soundtrack to the Pepsi commercial to prove that police officers don’t stand around peacefully waiting for a soda can, they fire back pepper spray. 

Liberal media brand ThirtyRev produced the reimagined version and as explains, “Like the original ad, Skip Marley's "Lions" plays in the background, but instead of breakdancing and brunch, the ad depicts police pushing protesters, protesters pouring bottles of water in each other's eyes to counteract pepper spray blasts and fresh wounds caused by rubber bullets.”

ThirtyRev promoted it on Facebook, saying, “Hey Pepsi... don't worry, we fixed it for you. #NoDAPL.”

The founder of ThirtyRev, Joseph von Meding, told Mic he wanted to redo the original ad because Pepsi “pander[ed] to millennials, but showed how little they understand them and what they care about."

“After watching [the ad] a couple times, all I could think about was the folks at Standing Rock," von Meding added. "I've been following the movement online since late July and it was honestly the most beautiful, heroic and heartbreaking thing I've seen. It brought out the best and the worst in humanity." 

"In the alternate universe of the Pepsi ad, where the protesters are demanding meaningless things like 'joining the conversation' maybe they aren't met with violence and it turns into a big Pepsi party," von Meding continued. "But when people demand change in a way that challenges a corrupt system or threatens corporate interests, they are silenced one way or another." 

Too bad the footage didn’t show the HEAPS of trash these “defenders of the environment” left behind for the same government they were protesting to clean up.

But that's selective outrage for you.