Irony in Pictures: Environmentalists Leave Behind Mountain of Trash at Standing Rock

Officials sorting through for dead bodies, too.

Environmentalists flocked to North Dakota to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline and warn of the potential pollution carrying oil across America could bring. But guess what? The only pollution produced at Standing Rock was the heaping piles of trash these so-called environmentalists left behind.

Officials estimate that the rubbish could fill at least 2,500 pickup trucks. The trash is frozen in huge clumps and crews are working fast to excavate the area before the spring thaw sets in and the run off pollutes the nearby waterways. Authorities say they’ve found everything you can think of in the piles and that they’re sifting through in case there are any dead bodies wrapped up in a tarp or blanket. The progressive activists even left behind 200 vehicles for the local government to deal with. It is a biohazard nightmare at this point.

Check out the pictures below and see how fast you can spot the hypocrisy and be sure to check out the news footage above:



H/T Daily Wire