Don Lemon: ‘CNN is Just Fine,’ Trump ‘Biggest Purveyor of Fake News’

Such a bitter Lemon.

Don Lemon defended his employer Thursday night on CNN Tonight saying President Trump is dead wrong in calling out the network as fake news. Lemon says its not CNN, it’s the president.

After playing a clip of Trump talking about the negligence of CNN and NBC while in Poland, Lemon went on the defensive:

“The biggest purveyor of fake news is the president, in this country, because he does it a lot. Number two, CNN is just fine.”

Just fine?! Where have you been, Don?

Head over to Breitbart for the video.

Reminder: Don gets really triggered about being called fake news:


But he sure likes to push fake news -- like the time he suggested the Berkeley protesters were right-wingers deployed by Milo Yiannopoulos: