Florida Driver Resists Arrest, Punches Cop, Yells ‘Black Lives Matter’

Clearly a model citizen.

A Golden Gate, Florida, man resisted arrest and punched an officer during a traffic stop over a seatbelt violation. When he was booked into jail, he yelled, “Black lives matter!” 

Naples Daily News reports that Anthony Denson Jr., 34, was driving without a seatbelt. A deputy deployed on the gang unit asked Denson for his license, insurance, and registration, but was met with resistance. Denson cursed and told the officer he didn’t have the documents and admitted the car wasn’t his. The arrest report stated that Denson refused the cops orders and said, “No, you’re going to shoot me.”

Denson wasn’t complying to the officer’s demands to exit the vehicle and began to shake his body and growl, grinding his teeth, the report adds. Denson was threatened with a Taser and finally exited the vehicle. But when he did, he punched the officer in the face. Denson complained that the cop was “breaking his wrist” with the handcuffs.

When Denson was booked into the Naples jail, he threatened his arresting officer with retaliation and yelled “Black lives matter!”

Naples Daily News states, “Denson was charged with obstructing an officer; battery of a law enforcement officer; threatening to do serious bodily harm to a public official; and driving while his license was suspended, second offense.”

“Denson's license was suspended in April on suspicion of failing to pay child support, the arrest report states.”

This comes during the same week a NYPD officer was ambushed and gunned down in her patrol vehicle.