Las Vegas Survivors Support Second Amendment

“It’s not the guns that are the problem.”

As left-wing politicians rush to cash in their mass-shooting chips for gun-banning dollars, some of the very survivors of the tragedy they hope to exploit stand on the other side of the aisle from them on the issue of the right to bear arms. 

In a series of interviews of the massacre’s survivors for TIME Magazine, Toby and Kelsey Clark affirmed their belief in the Second Amendment, with Tobey stating: “[Shooter Stephen Paddock] bought his firearms legally…I believe in tight gun laws, but I also believe in the Second Amendment.”

His wife agreed, ”I don’t think it could have been prevented.”

Kelly Moore—Kelsey’s mother—said, “People can buy guns, and people should be able to buy guns…It’s not the guns that are the problem, it's the people that are using them."

Stephanie Fraser, whose husband Brian died from his wounds Sunday night, said she doesn’t believe that tighter gun laws would have kept the massacre from happening: “Unless we have metal detectors everywhere we go, this could never be avoided.  We can’t live like that…It’s not like he had a record, this guy was clean.”

Fraser added: “[Brian] wasn’t about gun control at all…He was not for that."