WaPo' Runs Interference for CNN, Calls Out Victimized Donald Trump, Jr.

“Trump Jr...is vocally partisan and highly critical of the mainstream media."

On Friday, CNN humiliated itself to the tune of fake news: the ubiquitous news organization reported that Donald Trump, Jr. had been given a copy of the WikiLeaks documents ahead of its worldwide publication. To the Left, this was a bombshell: it would solidify the Trump camp’s collusion with Russia. There was only one problem with the revelatory story: it was in no way true. In fact, Trump, Jr. had received the documents ten days later.


Hours later, CNN made its apology.

In light of the story, Donald Trump, Jr. speculated on the unnamed sources which gave CNN erroneous information. For his theorizing, The Washington Post hit DTJ with a condemning article, lambasting him for downing CNN “without evidence.”

So this is how it works — CNN makes the mistake, and the Post comes down on Trump, Jr?

Kristin Phillips reported for WaPo:

“Trump Jr., who, like his father, is vocally partisan and highly critical of the mainstream media on Twitter, claimed — without evidence — that CNN reporters Manu Raju and Jeremy Herb ‘got played’ by their ‘puppet masters.’ He also tweeted that CNN’s ‘democratic sources’ are trying to push a false narrative. ‘I won’t hold my breath for an apology, or for you to call out your puppet masters on the left that fed you BS knowing you would gleefully run with it without ever checking the other side,’ Trump Jr. said in a Saturday morning tweet that addressed Raju, CNN’s senior congressional correspondent. ‘Apparently it was just too good a scoop for you to actually do your job. You got played.’”

The Washington Post has lost all perspective when it attacks Trump for responding to an attack on him. Furthermore, CNN's fake news story continues the network's move to make itself further and further irrelevant. As Newbusters put it, CNN was “so eager for a scoop that they let an e-mail be described to them without seeing it. If that's one of CNN's usual editorial 'procedures,' you may want to turn the channel.”

We at TruthRevolt think you should turn the channel, regardless.