Joy Reid Teams with Anti-Christian Frank Schaeffer to Insult Trump, Conservatives, Christianity

"[Their beliefs sound] like something out of a novel."

MSNBC’s Joy Reid — hot on the heels of her prostrate apology to the gay community for past attacks on Charlie Crist — thought it would be a great idea to insult a population infinitely larger: Christians. On Saturday's AM Joy, the leftist host likened Christian beliefs to “something out of a novel,” and had as a guest the virulently anti-Christian Frank Schaeffer.

Reid introduced the topic of President Trump declaring Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel, with the aim of suggesting that the President did so to disingenuously placate two groups: conservatives and Christians. To push this narrative — and in order to denigrate Trump as well as Christianity, she welcomed left-wing, anti-religious Schaeffer, author of Crazy for God: How I Grew Up As One of the Elect, Helped Found the Religious Right and Lived to Take All (or Almost All) of It Back and Why I Am an Atheist Who Believes in God. Claiming to have once been a conservative, Schaeffer’s vitriol for conservatism and mainstream Christianity is well established. Previously, Schaeffer has called Christianity "a culture of insanity," "beyond crazy," and the "village idiot," as well as saying this about the world's largest religion:

"[Christianity] is a group of people who are resentful because they know they’ve been left behind by modernity, by science, by education, by art, by literature…These people are standing on a hilltop waiting for the end. This is a dangerous group of people to have as neighbors."


As for politics, Schaeffer has described the Right as a “vicious [tea party of whites]…who want to carry guns and lord knows what." Furthermore, he has called Trump a "wacko demagogue" and said that conservatives "have defamed our first black president -- President Obama -- who, by the way, is one of the best presidents this country’s ever had."

So, he's -- you know -- neutral.

Leftist Reid thought this would be the perfect guest to comment on a Republican president’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The host began with a quote from what she called "one of the more liberal publications in Israel":

"In order to truly understand the centrality of this theological dog whistle to Trump's Evangelical base, you must take their religious beliefs seriously...this is vital...because rebuilding the temple in Jerusalem would initiate the end-time laid out in the book of Revelation. End-time is a fundamentalist Christian belief in a prophecy that the living and the resurrected will one day be delivered from the Earth by God, their bodies transformed and protected in heaven, as he pours out his wrath on the sinners left behind.”

Reid commented with incredulity:

“That sounds like something out of a novel. Is it true that there are people who really believe that having Israel unified under, I mean having Jerusalem unified under total Israeli control, will bring on the end times?”

Reid's question, of course, had no relevance to Trump's declaration, since President Trump referring to Jerusalem as Israel's capital has no effect on control of the city -- Israel captured West Jerusalem in 1948, and it has held East Jerusalem since 1967. Nevertheless, Schaeffer responded:

“Why yes, Joy. You know I come from a fundamentalist Evangelical background, and I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s. I’m 65, and when I was a child this was the Gospel end times version of reality that my parents believe in, and many other Evangelicals.”

Schaeffer went on to explain his radical conspiracy theory that the move to declare Jerusalem was bought and paid for by a billionaire Republican contributor, as well as an evangelist, and that it was done "to turn the Palestinians into people ruled by an apartheid state."

Attempting to completely invalidate the sincerity of Trump's decision, Schaeffer summarized:

“Essentially, when you look at this, it was nothing to do with the Middle East or peace, or Palestinian rights or any of the difficulties that have represented themselves to responsible American political leaders or world leaders. This was all about what we’re so familiar with, with Donald Trump and his nepotistic plan, throwing a little red meat to supporters and to big donors. This is what it's all about."

"Yeah," Joy affirmed, before adding, "The Washington Post even reported that Donald Trump didn't even appear to understand the issues."

The Left continues to degrade mainstream America -- which is to say, Christian America -- and to relentlessly attack President Trump and his supporters. Rather than learning from its mistakes, it can't stop its mad bombardment long enough to listen to the other side with respect, in order to reach out to those who it has repulsed. As leftists continue to portray Trump as a mindless fool obeying his base, and his base as idiotic sheep following Trump, they will continue to lose the respect -- and the votes -- of mainstream Americans -- Christian and otherwise.