Chelsea Handler: Sarah Sanders is 'Pure Evil'

“My face is a big, fat biscuit!”

Fox News reports that unfunny political attack dog Chelsea Handler, who makes almost daily appearances at TruthRevolt now, is being blasted on social media for retweeting a vicious video mocking White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders' appearance.

Handler, you may recall, is the host of a Netflix talk show that she claims to be leaving after only two seasons in order to pursue political activism full-time. In reality, the show was canceled because of "lackluster" ratings. Even her showrunner abandoned ship only three weeks into the program's run.

Desperate for attention and relevance, Handler has lately ramped up her anti-GOP hatefulness, recently calling press secretary Sanders a "whore," for example -- putting to the lie Handler's purported feminist commitment to supporting other women (because Republican women don't count, you know). And now there's this video, which just happens to be a promotion for Handler's tanking Netflix show.

Fox News has more:

The video is a fake step-by-step makeup tutorial, featuring comedy writer Fortune Feimster as Sanders.

Each step of the fake tutorial is accompanied by crude jokes that ridicule – among other things – Sanders’ face, Trump and Republicans.

“Right now my skin is dry, just like Puerto Rico right before that one rainy day they had,” she says before applying moisturizer to her face.

“My face is a big, fat biscuit!” she says as she uses the lotion.

Feimster compares her makeup foundation to the foundation of America: “It’s Republican, it’s strong, and it’s white.”

Feimster also mocks Sanders' physical appearance by insinuating that she resembles a man.

“I used to not know what foundation was, but our great president was kind enough to take me to a Sephora and he said to the employee, ‘Hey, you see that fellow over here? Make him a woman,” she says.



Handler was rightfully blasted on Twitter for taking another low blow at Sanders.

One Twitter user wrote: “Keep it up and everyone will despise you. You are obviously a very unhappy person. Maybe as a modern feminist you should act like a lady for a change.”

Another wrote: “Glad to see how much of a strong feminist you are, by promoting positive body image of other females.”

Handler responded, saying, “This woman [Sanders] deserves to be taken down. She is pure evil.”

Pure evil? In a world of ISIS, Kim Jong Un, and George Soros, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is pure evil? Get out of your bubble and get some perspective, Chelsea.

Remember, Handler is a woman who had two abortions at the age of 16 and has published books with titles that speak to her lack of class and character, such as My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands and Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea. She is arguably the most mean-spirited so-called comedian in entertainment, which is quite an achievement. She doesn't have a fraction of Sanders' intelligence or a thimbleful of political insight.

Handler is intellectually incapable of taking Sanders or Trump down in any way other than by hateful personal attacks. As the Twitter user noted, “Keep it up and everyone will despise you." Too late -- everybody already does.