Justin Trudeau Walks Back ‘Peoplekind’ Comment, Claims ‘Dumb Joke

There’s only one “dumb joke” in this equation.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau became the target of some much-deserved mockery this week after he interrupted a young woman at a town hall event to instruct her to say “peoplekind” instead of “mankind” because it’s more inclusive. Now, he’s saying everyone interpreted it all wrong and that he was just joking around.

“You all know that I don’t necessarily have the best of track records on jokes,” Trudeau said to Canadian press. “I made a dumb joke a few days ago that seems to have gone a little viral.”

He should re-watch the video because it doesn’t play like a joke at all. It plays more like a rallying cry for the politically correct crowd that applauded wildly. Even the PM knew it was a hit:

“It played well in the room and in context. Out of context it doesn’t play so well and it’s a little reminder to me that I shouldn’t be making jokes even when I think they’re funny.”

No matter how hard he tries, this was no joke.

Reuters noted some of the other times Trudeau’s “jokes” fell flat. In 2016, he stepped up to a podium do deliver his first public remarks about a terrible fire that swept through Alberta and the first words out of his mouth was about May 4th being Star Wars Day: "It's extremely wonderful to see everyone in such a good mood celebrating 'Star Wars Day' today. May the fourth be with you."

A couple of years before that, Trudeau criticized military maneuvers against ISIS, saying humanitarian aid should take priority over “whip[pping] out our (fighter jets) and show[ing] them how big they are.”


On that military note…

Below is footage from the same town hall event in Edmonton where a wounded Canadian veteran confronts Trudeau on his administration’s awful treatment of the military — an administration, mind you, that awarded Islamic war criminal and Gitmo detainee Omar Khadr $10 million and an official government apology. Yes, the same Trudeau administration that wants resources going to ISIS fighters returning to Canada from the battlefield so they can be de-radicalized and become productive members of society and hopefully prevent others from joining terrorist organizations.

Watch this Canadian veteran blast the PM for turning his back on Canada. You'll feel better: