Anti-PC Comedian Takes Justin Trudeau’s ‘Peoplekind’ to Hilarious Extremes

A look into the world if the Left wins.

Anti-political correctness comedian Owen Benjamin has posted a hilarious video mocking the ridiculous scolding Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave one of his citizens about using the term “mankind” instead of his preferred “peoplekind.” 

Set in the tone of the typical Hollywood cause-du-jour public service announcement, Benjamin’s video states “it’s time” to end the use of “man” or “men” in the English language and replace each instance with “people” or “person.” It’s then, and only then, that all the evils of the world will be banished forever. 

“Just by replacing ‘man’ with ‘person,’ the world could be a whole lot better,” Benjamin states in voiceover, “especially heroin-addicted vets desperately trying to sleep in a world they no longer understand.”

With submitted videos from his fans, Benjamin imagines how leftists like Trudeau would have everyone speaking if they had their way.

“It’s time to end gendered language, because that’s what the Epersonscipation Proclamation was all about,” a fan says.

“It’s time to stop calling big houses ‘mansions;’ they’re “peoplesions,” another says. 

And with Valentine’s Day coming up, the video suggests an alternative to taking your wives out for a romantic dinner — better make that "ropersontic."

So many other words are problematic, as well: menstruation, mayonnaise, manslaughter, humanities, maneuvers, Batman… “it’s time” they all change. Even Owen Benjamin’s own name is triggering. He must therefore be forever known as Owen Benjapeople. 

“I’m going to change my name for peace,” he promises.

Watch the video above for even more laughs (language alert).