Jeb Bush to NH Audience: Please Clap

Jeb wants a quieter president, but he got a quieter audience instead.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush was out on the campaign trail in New Hampshire, preparing for the primary next Tuesday, when this went down:

At his final stop of the day on Tuesday, the former Florida governor ripped off an inspired speech in New Hampshire that seemed to be going pretty well. He vowed not to “be out there blowharding” or to become an “agitator-in-chief.” He said we need to get “back in the business of creating a more peaceful world.”

Bush also said he believes we need a "quieter" president.

But the uninspired audience was also "quieter," which prompted Bush to urge them, "Please clap."

Bush placed at the bottom of the pack in Iowa, despite having a very respectable campaign war chest. Jeb is doing better in New Hampshire, although perhaps not as well as expected considering the lack of applause. Real Clear Politics has his average in New Hampshire at 10%.