Hillary's Dismal Book Sales Update

After third week, sales fell 554,000 copies behind her previous book

The sales of Hillary Clinton’s memoir Hard Choices continue their week two trajectory: downward, falling nearly 50% each week. As the first-week figures were already 350,000 copies behind the sales of her previous book Living History, her stunning $14 million advance is looking worse and worse for Simon & Schuster execs.

Expecting the kind of success Living History experienced, Simon & Schuster gave Hillary a massive $14 million advance ($6 million more than she received for the previous book) and shipped out 1 million copies of the new memoir.

The deal has turned out to be an epic miscalculation. Clinton’s book has sold only 160,000 copies in its first three weeks—554,000 copies short of Living History by that time—with sales dropping nearly 50% each week. The costly overreach has left publishing execs fighting amongst themselves. “There’s lots of finger-pointing going on at Simon & Schuster,” a source told PageSix.

A comparison of Living History and Hard Choices sales shows her recent book only mustering around 22% of the sales of the former and currently some 554,000 copies behind:

  • Week 1: Living History 438,701 – Hard Choices 85,721
  • Week 2: Living History 168,676 – Hard Choices 48,227
  • Week 3: Living History 106,658 – Hard Choices 26,190

Adding salt to the wound, Hillary’s memoir was replaced last week as the top seller by Edward Klein's Obama-Clinton exposé Blood Feud.