Hillary Tries Being Relevant; Oops, Compares Herself to ‘Game of Thrones’ Villain

It’s like watching her lose all over again.

Every time Hillary Clinton makes an appearance, or someone leaks an excerpt from her upcoming book What Happened, it’s like watching her lose the election all over again. She blames everyone except herself, but she's doing just fine digging her own grave.

Breitbart’s Charlie Spiering tweeted a short excerpt from What Happened on Tuesday. It’s a passage in which Clinton is making a clear attempt to resonate with the masses. She compares herself with a character from Game of Thrones, because all the cool kids are watching that HBO show. But catch this: The character she identifies so well with, is actually a murderous villain. You can’t make this up:



In full disclosure, this author hasn’t seen GOT and must rely on synopses from outside sources. Entertainment Weekly breaks down the scene Clinton refers to:

A naked woman, cropped hair, scabbed head, walking through narrow streets as a furious crowd screamed obscenities: “Liar! Slut! Whore!” The fallen woman, her face a stunned mask of blown-out devastation, performing a penance walk… the Walk of Shame is based on an actual medieval practice. 

On Thrones, the scene represents the consequences of years of Cersei’s paranoid scheming, killing, and short-sighted leadership.

Mediaite adds: “Cersei Lannister (played by Lena Headey) is best known for being the ruthless, power-hungry villainess who is responsible for the deaths of thousands just so she can sit on the Iron Throne. Plus, she has raised plenty of eyebrows for her ongoing affair with her brother and have had numerous children with him.”

Ouch! Clinton needs to fire her editor for letting that reference pass. Maybe that's why Amazon and Walmart are lowering the price of the book!

This is just getting sad. Clinton needs to do a run of shame all the way back to her hiding place in the Chappaqua woods.