Donna Brazile’s New Excuse About Hacked E-Mails: They Didn’t Tell ‘Complete Story’

Sure. We believe you.

Former Democratic National Convention interim chair Donna Brazile is providing a new excuse about the e-mail evidence that proved she tipped the Hillary Clinton campaign the exact wording of questions for a CNN debate, saying it doesn’t tell the “complete story.”

According to Mediaite’s Josh Feldman, Brazile said, “The e-mails that were allegedly sent to me, or sent from me, you know, told a story, but it didn’t tell the complete story.”

She was employed by CNN at the time the e-mails were exchanged but she now insists the network “never provided questions” and bragged about being “one of the officers who took the lead on expanding the number of debates and negotiating on behalf of the candidates to expand the debates and to work with various networks.”

“If you go back and look at the topics,” Brazile deflected, “if you go back and look at the questions, those questions, those topics appeared to coincide at the same time we were expanding the participation of other networks and to hosting debates.”

This is a brand new excuse by Brazile over the controversy. Before, she claimed the e-mails were doctored by the hackers even though they were authenticated. Now, they just don’t tell the “complete story” — or at least the one she wants us to know.