Guest on Charlie Rose: America Founded By ‘Cult of Religious Nuts’

We thought they were just "deists"!

Public radio host and author of the book Fantasyland, Kurt Andersen, perpetuated one of the Left's most hackneyed narratives during his recent apperance on Charlie Rose. Like any good elitist, Anderson bashed Christians who helped elect Donald Trump and noted that those who helped establish America were also just part of a "cult of religious nuts." Newsbusters summarizes: 

On the August 7 edition of PBS’s Charlie Rose show the author who penned The Atlantic article “How America Lost Its Mind” (that trashed Trump, Rush Limbaugh and the conservative movement) told Rose the reasons, in his view, the country had lost its mind. One of them was religion. 

When Rose asked Andersen what role religion played in America, the author responded that “America is exceptionally religious, has always been exceptionally religious compared to the rest...” That’s when Rose interrupted Andersen to remind him America was “Founded by people who were seeking religious freedom.” To which Andersen corrected him by insulting people of faith and the Founders: “Well that’s one –  that’s a charitable way of putting it. Founded also by a theocratic cult of religious nuts.” 

Rose let the grotesque insult slide by simply responding: “Okay. Right, right.” Andersen then proceeded to depict America’s “religiosity” as being out of step with the rest of the “developed world” and added “once you are, as a culture, more inclined to believe in magic, in the supernatural’s gonna leach out into, into not believing in climate change.”

The entire narrative is actually quite ironic, because many on the Left conversely argue that America was actually founded not by devout Christians who were guided by the Judeo-Christian ethic, but by "deists." The idea of course is to downplay the Founders' religiosity because the Founders are so revered in our society that it's poor form usually even for Leftits' to bash them (and not try to appropriate them as part of their own camp).

Intellectual consistency never was a big thing for leftists though.