Google Home Device Can’t Identify ‘Jesus Christ,’ Knows All About Muhammad

Wait a second… Google censors things???

Ask any Google Home device to identify the central figures of world religions — Muhammad, Buddha, etc. —  and prepare yourself for a slew of information. But ask it about Jesus of Nazareth and suddenly Google is mum.

Several videos have been making the rounds of people asking Google a series of questions, like “Who is Muhammad?” “Who is Buddha?” and other questions about religions. In those cases, Google turns to Wikipedia and reads off a few sentences each. But when Google Home is asked, “Who is Jesus?” or “Who is Jesus Christ?” the machine answers, “Sorry, I’m not sure how to help,” or “Sorry, I don’t understand.”

Some of the videos stretch back to last year — one below in which Google Home easily identified Satan, but not Jesus — showing that the programming hasn’t been updated yet:



Some users have found ways to “trick” Google Home into uttering the name “Jesus Christ” as exampled below:

It’s no surprise that Google censors things it doesn’t like. They actively steer users away from conservative sources and push the left. But Google has the same access to Wikipedia’s “Jesus” entry as it does for Muhammad. So, why doesn’t it just read it off like it does in the other cases? Sure, you can still type words into a Google search bar on a computer and find out whatever you want, but this is wildly inconsistent. Of course, if you’re trying to get information about Jesus Christ from somewhere other than  the new Testament, you’re doing it wrong anyway. But still…

It seems the robots that are taking over are programmed for leftist groupthink. Stephen Crowder tested Amazon’s Alexa and found out that "she" is a raging social justice warrior who identifies Jesus Christ as a “fictional character.” Now, Google Home refuses to identify Jesus at all. 

Hey, Google, why all the censorship?