Google Says Home Device Doesn’t Identify ‘Jesus’ to ‘Ensure Respect

Feature is now temporarily disabled while they figure out what to do.

A slew of videos targeting Google’s virtual assistant for censoring “Jesus Christ” has made the internet giant issue a response explaining what is going on.

As TruthRevolt reported, Google Home was asked by different users to identify the central figures of several religions, including Islam, Buddhism, and Christianity. The device identified Muhammad and Buddha in detail but when asked about Jesus, the assistant would state, “Sorry, I’m not sure how to help.”

Google doesn’t hide its censorship of conservative sources, but what makes this so strange is that Google’s source for identifying other religious figures comes from places like Wikipedia and the assistant simply reads the copy — just not for Jesus.

On Friday, the company released a statement explaining that the exclusion wasn’t meant to be disrespectful but “to ensure respect.” It added that some web sources are “more vulnerable to vandalism and spam” and that’s why facts about Christianity were excluded. Google is temporarily disabling the feature for all religious figures until a proper solution is found:



It’s interesting how Google notes that “if similar vulnerabilities were detected for other questions [about] religious leaders,” the assistant wouldn’t respond. But it does respond when asked about Islam, Buddha, the New Age, Satan, and others. This emphasizes how Christianity remains a fair target of “vandalism” by the Left while Islam and other religions are left alone out of “respect for our differences.” Google sounds desperate in explaining away this seemingly deliberate censorship.