George Will: Clintons Have 'Complete Inability to Be Embarrassed'

"I don't think they care."

George Will on Sunday said Bill and Hillary Clinton exhibit "a complete inability to be embarrassed" when it comes to the scandalous behaviors and practices that surround the family and its associates.

Whether it be the sexual relationship that President Clinton carried out in the Oval Office with Monica Lewinsky, the Clinton Foundation raising billions of dollars, tens of millions of which come from foreign donors, or the large price tag on a Hillary speaking engagement, the Clinton name is synonymous with political controversy. 

With Hillary considering her own presidential run in 2016, Will was asked if the these facts will be a problem for her political future. Will, appearing on Fox News Sunday, responded:

It should be, the question is, will it be? The richer the Clinton's get, the more they resemble the Snopes's, the rather low-rent people from a Faulkner novel. But one of the great strengths of the Clintons all along, particularly exemplified by Bill and the unpleasantness with Ms. Lewinsky, was a complete inability to be embarrassed. And the operation of the Clinton Foundation with all this, as we say, the appearance of perhaps quid pro quo corruption, all of this demonstrates that strength. I don't think they care.

This subject was tackled on another Sunday news show. The New York Times' Amy Chozick appeared on ABC's This Week and said that Hillary is attempting to distance herself from these scandals, whether its the comments she made about being "dead broke" or her large salary from speeches. 

Bill Kristol was on hand to question how Hillary might justify being wealthy but continue booking speeches, or accepting millions from foreign governments to the Clinton Foundation and run for president all at the same time.

Chozick offered a condensed explanation: "I can tell you what they would say, that it's expensive to be a Clinton."

Watch the clip below: