'Full Frontal's Samantha Bee Announces Anti-Trump ‘Apology Race'

“For the next two weeks, my correspondents will travel the globe to apologize for every garbage thing Donald Trump does."

Samantha Bee, host of the TBS show Full Frontal, released a teaser today for her show, with a breathtakingly virulent insult to the President United States. The first line of Bee's video sets the tone:

"This is New York City -- home of Donald Trump, and an entire city of people who hate him."

The introduction alone is stunning. However, the foundational concept of the upcoming Full Frontal episode takes things to a different level entirely. The YouTube clip reveals the show's graphics, bearing an unmistakable resemblance to the TV hit The Amazing Race. In the case of Bee's program -- which airs January 24th -- the derivative title is "The Apology Race." The subject of Bee's "apology?" The existence of President Donald Trump. The show's logo is planet earth topped with Trump's hair. Twitter birds fly around the hairdo.

The comedian and former Daily Show correspondent shamefully explains:

“For the next two weeks, my correspondents will travel the globe to apologize for every garbage thing Donald Trump does. His poor impulse control might force us to go apologize to Korea, the entire Muslim world, or some rando.”

Bee may want to look further into international politics: she'll be surprised to learn that there hasn't been a country called "Korea" since 1945. Presumably she's referring to North Korea, whose leader is arguably the cruelest, most repressive, and most dangerous in the world. And Bee wants us to apologize to him?

Outlining the show further, she profiles the diverse contestants:

• "Brits started this America mess, and I'm very sorry," states "dual citizen" Amy Hager.

• "Toronto native Ilana Hardkin" claims, "Canadians invented being 'soar-y.'"

• "Jews are experts in guilt," boasts "chosen one" Mike Rubens.

Ready for the black woman joke?

"And the ever-patient Ashley Nicole Black," Bee continues, as an attitudinal black woman indignantly exclaims:

"Wait -- you want me to apologize to America? Man, that's some white bullsh*t. Every damn day."

"Tune in for the dramatic finale January 24th," Bee exudes.

Beneath the video, Full Frontal provides a further description of "The Apology Race":

"You know that feeling you get every day, multiple times a day when you check Twitter or turn on the television or read anything? The one of deep embarrassment that lives in the pit below the pit of your stomach? We feel it too so we are picking up the mantle of apologizing to the world on behalf of America. Today we're announcing the official start of the FULL FRONTAL APOLOGY RACE: a two-week romp around the globe to try to make amends for any deeply embarrassing thing our President manages to get his hands on in-between TV time."

Meanwhile, outside of their pitiful leftist bubble, Donald Trump's approval rating is on par with Obama's first year in office. Sorry, Full Frontal -- your delusional bias is exposed.