James Woods Schools NY Times on Huma Abedin Story

""Only the @nytimes could publish this story without mentioning [these facts]."

Actor James Woods has an impressive list of film credits. However, one of his greatest roles may be that of Hollywood Ambassador for Truth. While so many of Tinseltown's big names are shouting loony leftist mantras, Woods is dropping science.

As less-than-flattering news for Team Hillary continues to spill out regarding where Huma Abedin's classified emails landed, The New York Times thought the information should spawn an article against President Trump -- for pointing out the facts of the Clinton aid's wrongdoing:

"President Trump returned to a familiar target in 2018, by attacking Clinton's top aide."

If Trump is perceived to do wrong, the Times write an article saying Trump is wrong; if Hillary's team is perceived to do wrong, the Times writes the same article again. Wow.

Ridiculousness: noted --

Enter Ambassador Woods. The actor pointed out what wasn't mentioned in the biased Times story at all:

"Only the @nytimes could publish this story without mentioning that a) Abedin emailed a classified password, b) her husband is in prison, and c) she broke federal espionage laws."

Yeah -- those were some substantial points missing. But you, know, Trump is wrong. And now, so is James Woods, for the same reason. That's a pretty transparent bias, as indicated:

Since 1896, the official slogan for the The New York Times has been "All the News That's Fit to Print." In February of last year, it began a new marketing campaign: "The Truth is More Important Now Than Ever." The truth has always been important; however, in the case of that statement, as well as the former, it's been a long time since the Times has adhered to either.