Franken Pushed To Resign, Could Happen Thursday

Would be replaced by an appointed Democrat.

As an update to TruthRevolt's earlier report on what looks to be Al Franken's impending resignation, least 30 Democratic lawmakers in Washington have called on Al Franken to resign and vacate his seat as more women have come forward with tales of groping, unwanted kissing, and more.

Politico broke the story of a Democratic staffer who claims Franken tried to kiss her in 2006 when he was still a radio host. The woman, then in her mid-20s, had accompanied her boss to Franken's radio studio for an interview. Her boss left the studio as she gathered up belongings and it was then that Franken was moving very close, right in her face.

The former staffer said she ducked to avoid Franken’s lips. As she hastily left the room, she said, Franken told her: “It’s my right as an entertainer.” “

He was between me and the door, and he was coming at me to kiss me. It was very quick, and I think my brain had to work really hard to be like ‘Wait, what is happening?’ But I knew whatever was happening was not right, and I ducked,” the former aide said in an interview. “I was really startled by it, and I just sort of booked it towards the door, and he said, ‘It’s my right as an entertainer.’”  

It's not the only new accusation against Franken; another Democrat who writes for The Atlantic says Franken groped her while she was at a 2009 inauguration party to celebrate Barack Obama's win and the Democratic sweep that saw Franken take office. Tina Dupuy says it was her first time at the inauguration and she was a bit star-struck by Franken.

I only bug celebrities for pictures when it’ll make my foster mom happy. She loves Franken, so I asked to get a picture with him. We posed for the shot. He immediately put his hand on my waist, grabbing a handful of flesh. I froze. Then he squeezed. At least twice.  

I’d been married for two years at the time; I don’t let my husband touch me like that in public because I believe it diminishes me as a professional woman. Al Franken’s familiarity was inappropriate and unwanted. It was also quick; he knew exactly what he was doing.  

Associated Press is now reporting that Franken could resign as early as Thursday, noting that the pressure began Wednesday morning with a few Democrats calling on Franken to step aside, growing to more than 30 by the end of the day.

Democrats don't need to worry about Franken resigning and losing a seat for their party; the seat would actually be filled by Minnesota's Democrat governor, Mark Dayton. That would not change the balance of power. 

Franken was elected in 2008. In 2014 he was re-elected with 53% of the vote.