Omarosa is Gone From White House and CNN’s Black Guests Couldn’t Be Happier

Bye, Felicia.

CNN’s newsroom turned into a gloat-fest on Wednesday after breaking news that long-time Trump confidant and White House communications director Omarosa Manigault-Newman was no longer employed by the administration. Brooke Baldwin hosted an all-black, all-female panel of CNN contributors, which included April Ryan, Symone Sanders, and Angela Rye, to discuss their thoughts on the unfolding news. Giddy is one word to describe it.

Rye was happiest of all that the Trump administration just let go one of its few, not to mention highest level, black females when she said:

“Brooke, I'm going to do what you can't do, and what April and Symone are too good of people to do and that's just going to be petty for a minute: Ahhhhh!! [laughs] Bye, girl. Bye! We did it already on the podcast, April. But bye, honey, you have never represented the community. You are skin folk. We don't own you like Zora. Goodbye. Good riddance. Goodbye. Deuces. Out.”

Both Sanders and Ryan had a good laugh, if not out of shock, before Ryan pulled herself together and criticized the cheers:

“Angela, you know I have much love for you, but you know what, I don’t delight in anyone’s demise.”

“I’m not delighting in her demise,” Rye stated. “I wish her the best but aaaahhhh!!” 

Baldwin resorted to hiding behind her script so no one could see her yuking it up.

The glee went beyond CNN studios, too. ABC’s Robin Roberts can be heard uttering, “Bye, Felicia,” a popular meme from the Friday movie, under her breath after an on-air interview with Manigault-Newman:


But remember, these are “impartial” reporters, folks.

Initial reports on Wednesday suggest that Manigault-Newman was dragged off property kicking and screaming. However, the U.S. Secret Service called that reporting “incorrect” and said all that was done was a deactivation of her all-access pass. Omarosa said she resigned effective January 20th. She also claimed to have seen things happen at the White House that upset her and made her “uncomfortable” for her “community.” She promised the world would want to hear her story when she is able to tell it. Surely the tell-all book deal is forthcoming.