MSNBC’s Mika: Don’t Believe All Women, Especially a Playboy Model Trump Voter

Mika ain't about to believe a conservative slut.

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski is so distraught over Sen. Al Franken’s resignation because she is having trouble believing all of the accusations against him — especially the one coming from Leeann Tweeden, a former Playboy model and Trump voter. In the age of “believe all women,” Brzezinski is breaking from the pack.

“I have an incredibly uneasy feeling about this entire story,” Brzezinski said on Friday’s Morning Joe.

She continued saying she has specifically avoided making political statements toward Tweeden, who produced a picture of Franken reaching for her breasts as she slept. But that all changed on Friday as Brzezinski let the political mud fly:

“We’ve never really talked about the woman who first came out against Al Franken… I would think a dress owned by Monica Lewinsky would bring down a president, but it didn’t. So, I’m surprised that you think a comedian’s picture of a performer — Playboy model who goes on Hannity, who voted for Trump. I see some politics there, but I haven’t brought that up every step of the way because, of course, in this #MeToo environment, you must always just believe the women. And I think that there’s a lot of reasons why we need to look at the women seriously and believe them… I’m just wondering if all women need to be believed.”

We’re sure she felt better getting that off her chest.

Brzezinski says she totally believes the women who accused her NBC pal Mark Halperin because she actually talked to them. Apparently, Trump voters don’t get the same access to Mika time.

“I’m concerned that we are being the judge, the jury, and the cops, here, and so did Senate Democrats getting ahead of their skis,” the MSNBC anchor said of the Franken sacrifice.

Watch below via The Daily Caller: