Secular Hollywood Thanks Black, Female God for Defeat of Roy Moore

"I said a prayer the other day, and when God answered me back, she was a black woman.”

The Left isn’t known for its Christian spirituality or its consistency; in times of tragedy — particularly tragedies that they can exploit to push for gun control — their secular mantra has become, “F*** your prayers.” However, in response to Alabama’s vote in the senatorial race Tuesday night, Christian-hating Hollywood seems to have been touched by an angel: the rich Left-Coastal elites are tweeting their praise for The Man (or, well, Woman) Upstairs for the blessed defeat of Republican Roy Moore.

Moore — who, in the words of Fox News “was portrayed in the media as a dirty old man at best and a pedophile at worst” — narrowly lost to Democrat Doug Jones in a much-publicized battle which the Left cast as Good vs Evil, although no proof was ever provided that Moore had engaged in anything illegal. 

Among Hollywood’s sudden spiritual revival, actress and traitor Jane Fonda took to Twitter Wednesday to exclaim, “FOX CALLS IT FOR JONES IN ALABAMA. Thank you Lord.” 

Pro-Hillary author J.K. Rowling bizarrely announced to the Twitterverse, “Narrator’s voice: Roy was right. God was in control. What he didn’t realise was, She’s black.” 

Extreme leftist actor Mark Ruffalo offered a goofy “amen,” tweeting, “I’m definitely ready for that. I said a prayer the other day and when God answered me back she was a Black Woman.”

Pro-abortion wacko Chelsea Handler -- who has no religion when it comes to the unborn -- posted to social media, “I just woke up in the middle of the night to make sure what happened when I went to bed is still happening. After Alabama, I’ve decided to start believing in G-d again.”

Unfortunately, Handler was soon distracted from her religious awakening by her incessant need to make ignorant, baseless political comments:

“Have another Diet Coke you idiot. You are going down and as soon as tax reform fails or passes. You have no right to sit at that desk that Russia bought for you. You shame our country every day. Congratulations, @GDouglasJones.”


Actor John Cusack raged a holy war against spiritual darkness with, “Look [sic] like the forces of good prevailed! Now we take out the other criminal in the White House.” 

It's a mystery why Cusack believes Trump is a criminal, but there is no shortage of unfounded left-wing conspiracy theories floating about like so many prayers for Roy Moore's loss. No doubt the left's born-again gratitude will fade soon enough, and they'll be back to "F*** your prayers."

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